I taught three undergraduate-level TESOL courses at Michigan State University.

  • Summer 2018, Fall 2018, and Spring 2019, Second Language Learning (LLT 361)
  • Summer 2019 Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (LLT 307)
  • Summer 2020, Pedagogical Grammar (LLT 346)

In teaching those courses, I put great emphasis on real-world language learning and teaching issues by drawing on own research. For example, in my LLT 361 classes, I held multiple discussion sessions on a recently passed law in Michigan that stipulates third-grade retention for English language learner (ELL) students and non-ELLs. I provided information about this law to my undergraduate students, who were also pre-service ELL teachers, and asked them to share their views on this law and how they could provide better services to ELL students in Michigan.